#Shelf. is exchange.
#Shelf. is information.
#Shelf. is literary space.

#Shelf. is a newly literary project, born from the marriage beetwen web and tradition: it would underline the message of a global reading, but also its aim is giving relevance to the paper product.
Through the involvement of the social network it brings a new level of interaction related to the same contents, both as sources and as users.

#Shelf. is about reportage, stories, people, it depends to sources and materials from web,

It’s everybody’s bookazine.
I am a student. This is my long-term project.  My intent is to show many worlds and languages in the same literary space because they put in common different patrimonies,  related to the same cultural interest.
But I don’t wanna waste your time,

If you are a writer,storyteller, essaysist

If you are a blogger,

If you want to publish something with me,

#Shelf is here.

You can contact me at –

And follow the social pages.

I’ll wait for you.

Thank you for your time.


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